Toothpaste Tabs

I have been working on reducing waste in my home, and one of the things that stood out to me was toothpaste. It hadn’t crossed my mind before that toothpaste tubes are extremely difficult to recycle, so, according to Well and Good, over a billion of them end up in landfills in the US! I decided that I could do something about this, so I opted to try out some toothpaste tabs.

The tabs I chose are called Unpaste, and I picked them over other tabs because they are completely zero-waste. The packaging they came in is compostable unlike other brands that use plastic packaging. My order came with a two-month supply and I got to trying them out!

Starting off was definitely weird. It goes against all instincts to chew the toothpaste and not swallow it. And then it’s different because it isn’t a paste, so there isn’t as much thickness to it, if you understand what I mean. The brushing ends up being a lot more watery, which was a new challenge because it was harder to keep in my mouth. Both of those difficulties were rather amusing to me though!

But I’ve gotten used to those changes, and my breath feels good and mouth feels clean after brushing! I haven’t been to the dentist since trying these out so I can’t report on my teeth health yet. But to me it seems these tabs are doing the job and reducing waste!

So let’s talk price. These tabs cost $14 for a two month supply at two brushings a day. That means these tabs are pricey in comparison to a regular toothpaste tube. So if you’re looking into toothpaste alternatives, know that the options can be high in price! You can find them a little cheaper through Lush, but they come in plastic packaging. Gotta weigh all the options! And, of course, the next thing to look at is the toothbrush.

Maybe next I’ll look into making my own toothpaste? Have you done that? If so, let me know!

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