Vegan Vitamins – Complement Plus

I feel like we focus a lot on things like protein and Vitamin C but forget about all of the other nutrients we should be getting every day. And that goes for everyone, not just vegans!

But as a vegan, I specifically was interested in Complement Plus. Because it’s aimed at the veggie group! I found out about this because I subscribe to No Meat Athlete, and I knew the creators have my best interest in mind. More than that, they have the world’s best interest in mind. These people are trustworthy. From including only what’s important, to making sure to ethically source the ingredients, I knew I was investing in the right supplement.

You can read all about Complement Plus, their ingredients, and such here, so let’s talk about the results I’m seeing.

The biggest one? MY NAILS. I have NEVER had strong nails. My ring fingers would grow like crazy but my pointer fingers would be nonexistent. But look at them now!

This is super long for me. It’s incredible. And no matter how good or bad my diet has been, my nails have stayed the same. And I know it’s only because of Complement Plus. Honestly, it’s a dream come true haha

It makes me happy knowing I’m getting those hard to find nutrients in my diet and that no animals were harmed because of it. Yeah, it’s sometimes hard to remember to take three a day, but I’ve gotten into the habit. And I know if I have any issues the customer support is wonderful.

So if you’re looking for an ethical supplement without any unnecessary ingredients, definitely go check out Complement Plus.

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