Holidays and Body Positivity

One of the first things I noticed when I went back to Missouri for the holidays was how often people would comment negatively about their own body, men and women alike. It usually happened in a joking manner, but it still shocked me. I guess my household in NYC doesn’t usually talk like that. And the holidays are a time to really share love, which includes love for yourself, so I wasn’t about to stand for all of the negative self-talk.

I understand; it’s hard! It’s hard to be around people and not compare yourself to them. So we’ve gotta start somewhere. And with New Year’s resolutions around the corner, maybe you’ve got all of these new healthy habits that you’re trying to put in place.

But I suggest you start with love. Go find a mirror right now, look yourself in the eyes, and say out loud “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.”

You can come up with your own affirmations, but start telling yourself some positive things! Soon you’ll start to believe it, and that’s even better than hearing it.

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays have been filled with joy and that you spent lots of time with your favorite people. Now go spread some positivity to yourself and others 🙂

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