Celebrating 1 Year Since YTT

AH! It’s been one WHOLE YEAR since I finished yoga teacher training with Three Sisters Yoga in NYC. Life has been a crazy ride since then, and I want to take some time to reflect on what has happened since I officially became a yoga teacher. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I wonder if … Continue reading Celebrating 1 Year Since YTT

Pigeon Pose – How To

I made a video that goes through the proper alignment in pigeon pose and how you can modify it to get the most out of the pose! I talk about shin placement, the back foot, the hips, and what to do if you’re uncomfortable. Take a look!

Journey to the Splits

The splits have long been a dream of mine. My legs have never had much flexibility to them, so it’s always been a distant dream. I figured while I don’t have much to do every day in lockdown, I could spend about 10 minutes working on the splits! Feel free to join in and see … Continue reading Journey to the Splits

Practicing A Handstand

Don’t we all want to be able to hold a handstand? They’re fun and make you feel good! So let’s talk about the steps we can take to get there, and all you need is a wall. We’re going to work on L-Pose! L-Pose is as it sounds: your body is going to make an … Continue reading Practicing A Handstand

Easy Vegan Thai Red Veggie Curry

As always, I’m here to make tasty meals with few ingredients! So here’s a basic red curry that I like to make. Of course, you’re free to spice it up with any additional ingredients you like! Thai Red Veggie Curry Recipe – 4 Servings Ingredients 1/2 cup water Rice (I like long-grain white, but it’s … Continue reading Easy Vegan Thai Red Veggie Curry

Toothpaste Tabs

I have been working on reducing waste in my home, and one of the things that stood out to me was toothpaste. It hadn’t crossed my mind before that toothpaste tubes are extremely difficult to recycle, so, according to Well and Good, over a billion of them end up in landfills in the US! I … Continue reading Toothpaste Tabs

30 Days with Ayurveda: Update

Ok, so I said that I would be incorporating some Ayurvedic techniques into my daily life. Let’s talk about how it went! The Morning Routine Waking up at sunrise wasn’t bad! When I completed my morning routine I felt I had so much more time to get things done in the day. I even started … Continue reading 30 Days with Ayurveda: Update

30 Days with Ayurveda

I’ve been interested in Ayurveda since I learned about it in yoga teacher training. What is Ayurveda, you ask? It’s the sister science to yoga that focuses on how you go about your day in order to maintain a balanced, healthy life. I had been looking for reviews on how following an Ayurvedic lifestyle has … Continue reading 30 Days with Ayurveda

Holidays and Body Positivity

One of the first things I noticed when I went back to Missouri for the holidays was how often people would comment negatively about their own body, men and women alike. It usually happened in a joking manner, but it still shocked me. I guess my household in NYC doesn’t usually talk like that. And … Continue reading Holidays and Body Positivity

A Day of Simple Vegan Meals

My mom often asks me about what I actually eat, so this post is for you, Mom! It’s also for you, reader, if you’re looking to become vegan or are looking for some super simple vegan recipes. These also happen to be grain-free and can easily be made nut-free! Ok, so, I’m pretty lazy when … Continue reading A Day of Simple Vegan Meals

The First Time I Cried in Meditation

Crying during meditation is completely normal. While we often think of meditation as a way to “control our emotions”, that’s not exactly the case. Meditating can bring up emotions and memories, and sometimes they are painful. But the point is to continue sitting with that and go deeper. I haven’t had too much experience with … Continue reading The First Time I Cried in Meditation


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